How to Get Link - Download Web Series Google Drive Links - Gdrive Series

Download Web Series Google Drive Links - Gdrive Series

Download Web Series from Google Drive links

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How to Get Link

From here You can check that how to obtain download link from various sites like GP Links, Telegram Movies Channel, URL Hider etc. sites.

How to Get Download Link from GPLinks?

दोस्तों बहोत सारी request है की GP Links से डाउनलोड कैसे करे. तो यहाँ कोशिश की है की आपको एक वीडियो या फोटो के द्वारा ये सीखा सके. तो डाउनलोड कैसे करे के बारे में या तो निचे वीडियो दी गयी है उसे देखे या आप उसके निचे दिए गयी फोटोज से भी ये जान सकते हो. 

Many times we came across URL Shortener sites like GP Links. This site offer users to make money by shortening links. It is an good opportunity to make money, but parallel if You have not proper video or tutorial for users on how to obtain download links from such URL Shorteners then for users it is very difficult to reach the download link / target link due to popup advertisement and other advertisement on such site. So here is an short step by step tutorial on how to get download link from GP Links.
Things to note: Heard many people that their UC Browser in Play Store gets open, some says it ask to download some .apk file & some says it gives alert for virus (speaking alert with popup). Well all those are popup etc. advertisements and nothing else, so just close them.

Step 1: Click on Verify button as shown below.

Step 2: Scroll down till You see Captcha to solve, like shown in below picture, solve that captcha and click on "Continue". (here some popup/ads might appear, just close them, stay on this same page only)

Step 3: after clicking on "Continue", the page will load again, here again scroll download till You see timer shown as in below picture. Let that timer get over to "0", if it stuck and dont get upto "0" then click anywhere on the page and here again some popup advertisement open just close and stay on this page only & now You can see that the timer is working.

Step 4: Once the timer gets "0" You can see an button with "Get Link" as shown in below picture. Just right click on that button (so as to avoid confusing popup advertisements) and open in new tab, You are done! (If You are on Mobile device then just press long on "Get Link" button that will open a menu, from here You can see something like "open in new tab" / "open in another tab" etc. option, click on that)

Comment below if You want an video tutorial on this.

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